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Q1. Tell us a little about yourself and your motive behind welcome divine?
My name is Khushi Sawrakar and I am a well-known Astrologer, my life started with DIVINE itself, I did my very first course (switch word) while being on high dosages of antidepression pills that used to put me to sleep throughout the day, this made me forget my existence and who I actually was and what I was capable of achieving in my life. When you learn “switch word” you will come across the word “Divine”  several times and I hold immense love for this word. Welcome Devine helps in welcoming spiritual powers by calling out the positive energies from the universe towards us to fulfill our wishes, so whoever is connected to me or will be connected with me in the coming future will be able welcome the universe and divine. This will also help them to stay connected to the spiritual world in a better way. I feel “Spiritual Power” means to welcome all the positive energies towards you, during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga pooja and Laxmi Pooja I tend to welcome the God’s and the goddesses in the form of positive energy.

Q.2 How would you describe “Welcome Divine”?

“Welcome Divine” was suggested to me by divine and since I am a worshipper of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Divine actually means “Shivshakti” which we call out as Spiritual power, my logo is also the symbol of shivshakti that helps in keeping “Panchbhut” (five elements) together in people’s life. I believe everyone tends to welcome their guests with extreme happiness and open arms, I exactly welcome the universe in a same way. I strongly believe that the name ‘Welcome divine’ never lets me forget the respect I hold for the universe deep within.

Q.3 How is crystal healing helpful?

“Crystal Healing” helps people to generate positive thoughts and feelings, it slowly helps people to also understand 
themselves in a better way and works as a medication towards curing one’s mental health and issues like depression. The process of crystal healing is that whenever someone keeps the crystal close to them, they automatically feel negative energies like health issues, poverty, depression and difficulties in personal life slowly leave their body.

Q.4 How does “Angelic code” help in the process of healing people?
With the help of Angelic codes people stay connected to the angels from universe, these angels take care of the well-being
of everyone and helps in reaching out the wishes that people make directly to the universe. The angel code is impossible to do unless and until the universe  asks you to do it by hinting you towards it, astrologers like me have experienced watching constant symbols that indicate numerical figures, colors and feathers around them, and when this happens, we immediately try finding out what it actually means, indicates and how it is all connected to the learnings of angel code. Understanding an angel code is to worship the angels and when I worship them, they listen to me, help me and answer all my questions. I feel a connection with the angels, whenever I call them out, they immediately form their positive energies around  me and make me feel safe and stay close to me.

Q.5 The world knows you as a “Tarot Queen”; Could younshare the experience of your journey so far and tell us about the story behind you achieving this title?
My life has been full of obstacles, I was married at the age of 16 in middle of my education and became a mother of a baby girl at the age of 17 which lead me to face even more difficulties because of my young age and bigger responsibilities, I still did continue to do the best for my family and gave birth to my second child who happened to be a girl again, I was then under a family pressure of giving birth to a baby boy, due to which I went into severe depression and that’s when I thought of giving tarot reading a random try to feel better, doing this cured me to such an extent that I decided to get into the course of tarot card reading and astrology, that’s exactly how I without letting my family know finished my education in it by preparing for it at my mother’s place and sometimes at my aunt’s, I later even pursued B.com degree along with it. I slowly started healing my own house with the help of all the teachings, and to the surprise all of my problems started vanishing one by one, I could never believe that this could have my life drastically changed from negative to positive. I really feel God always wanted me to get into this and which is why I had to go through a rough patch in my life earlier to understand people and their issues in a better way to help them come out of it with the help of astrology just like how I did.

Q.6 How would you describe “Iconic Shakti” in few words?
“Iconic shakti itself has a kind of a specialty hidden in its name, it represents woman empowerment, it understands what exactly a woman feels and what she is capable of doing as a woman”. I feel honored to be the face of Iconic Shakti and I feel the moment a woman understands her potential is the time when she becomes an ‘Iconic Shakti’ herself.

Aishwarya Bhatte Munagekar
– Content Writer and Editor

Successful Press Conference of Iconic Shakti Magazine's half yearly Issue

Iconic Shakti Magazine has been setting records since the past one year, its motive has always been to stay dedicated towards promoting women entrepreneurs through interviews and articles. On the completion of its 1-year anniversary with tremendous success, the founder of the magazine along with her team decided to take a step forward by introducing a special edition that will be published for men and kids as well.
Ever since the idea was released, Iconic Shakti was on a mission to find a well deserving face for its newest category and the hunt was finally over after getting the first ever capable candidate for registration, a young dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Rohan Bose as a cover face of men’s edition.
Iconic Shakti hosted a grand celebration to announce its most capable youngster by organising a Press Conference on 21st May 2022, where Mr. Rohan Bose was welcomed officially aboard in front of various well-known media houses. The press conference was also aced by the participation of cover features and registries that have been a part of previous monthly women editions and also few registries that are now a part of half yearly edition of the magazine. The founder of Iconic Shakti Miss. Priyanka Sangeeta Vishwakarma proclaimed about their upcoming award show that is scheduled on 1st July 2022 in an honor to felicitate requisite faces of the magazine.
Mr. Rohan Bose holds 4 years of experience in exclusive research and development of product Inflector Solar Shades and is currently pursuing MBA in marketing. Rohan along with his father and team is on a mission towards building a future that is greener and brighter through the sales of their product that works as a heat protector, the heat inflectors produced by them are mainly used as a shield against heat by being attached over windows and buildings.
Mrs. Ishika Lal who was also present at the press conference is one of the upcoming faces of Iconic Shakti in the category of women edition, she is a social worker and what makes her exceptional is the love she holds for physically disabled parrots.
Alike men’s edition Iconic Shakti magazine has also come out with an exciting idea of publishing Kid’s edition, where the team has associated with U-Mart, that is Mumbai’s 1st super market managed by special kids.
Iconic Shakti believes that their hunt is not over yet and encourages women & kids to come forward to participate in order to grab a life changing opportunity by being the cover face of these exciting editions.

Aishwarya Bhatte Munagekar
Editor, Iconic Shakti