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Dr. (Hon) Archana Jain Investor, Research Analyst, Women Empowerment/ Financial planning Speaker, Plus-size model, Founder of Florian Spa-N-Salon, Founder of India Brainy Pageant Show, Social Activist and Author and lately also the Founder of Eunoiaa Academy.
Dr Archana Jain (born 26th June 1992) is a young and inspiring entrepreneur, investor, research analyst, financial planning speaker, plus-size model and founder of Mumbai-based Florian Spa-N-Salon. She bagged the title of 2nd Runner-up of ‘Miss India Curvy 2019’ and is the Founder of the India Brainy Beauty Pageant Show.

Archana is also the proud Founder of the Florian Foundation. She is also the President of Giants Group of Mumbai ONE, President of Naari Foundation, Maharashtra; President of NSPR India, Maharashtra. Recently also named as National President for the Ladies Wing of Dada Saheb Films Ward.
She has also walked for Bombay Times Fashion Week for Shaina NC.

Archan Jain strongly believes in women being financially independent and urges them to excel in every field possible.
She believes women are no less than men and can achieve whatever they set their heart and mind to. She was born and brought up in a typical and orthodox Marwari family where women were not given the same privileges as men in the house. Dr Archana Jain has successfully overcome various obstacles in her life to reach the peak of her succesful career today.
She has been published in various leading national newspapers and magazines and has many awards and recognition under her wings. She was also attributed as the “Best Multi-Tasking Woman”. She also owns a chain of salons & spas called Dorian Spa N Salon in Mumbai & Chennai. She is an entrepreneur and in true sense of the term – a women of substance.

Born and brought up in a Marwari family, she had to fight her way up the conservative thoughts of the Marwari community, but today she’s glad she didn’t give up. Archana is passionate about her work and is a superb multitasker. She is confident about whatever she does and always believes in helping others. She has achieved a lot at a very early age and is unstoppable. She is an inspiration to all the women out there who dream to achieve great heights. Archana believes that age is just a number when one has the will and courage to do things and achieve all that one wants in life. At 29, she has achieved a lot – numerous awards, throphies, titles etc. It can rightly be said she has been a one woman army and is a self made woman.
Taking her career and education seriously since her college days, Archana was motivated to strive for success.
On 21st August 2015, she established her brand Florian Spa-N-Salon. Her start-up was moving ahead well, but as determined that she is, she wanted to take her brand at PAN India level, she met multiple investors but when things did not go as expected she did not quit, she went for higher studies. After multiple tests, she got selected for the MBA at SP Jain college, along with her studies she was also managing her business which was not an easy task. ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ keeping this saying in mind she went for it and successfully completed her MBA from SP Jain college.

She received a call from an investor in Chennai, who was interested in her brand and that’s how her hard work and ‘never-give-up’ attitude paid off and she opened another branch of Florian Spa-N-Salon in Chennai. Amidst all of this, she received a call from an investor in Chennai, who was interested in her brand and that’s how her hard work and ‘never-give-up’ attitude paid off and she opened another branch of Florian Spa-N-Salon in Chennai. Florian Spa & Salon is a complete hair, skin & body lounge that offers world-class salon & spa services in Mumbai.
Florian Spa & Salon believes in endowing an individual with a sense of complete comfort and well-being by offering complete spa and salon services for hair, skin and body. The prime reason why she wanted to start Florian Spa N Salon was to explore the beauty and wellness in depth.
She aims to start a new venture and also plans to follow her passion in the Stock Market and start Florian Capital.
She also is a keen social worker and has helped in uplifting many women through her foundation – Florian Foundation. She also wishes to support the LGBTQ+ community and soon her foundation will work for their community to give them their right of equality.
‘What next’ is always on her mind, she is never tired and always on the move to achieve great heights in life. Not only a successful entrepreneur, Archana also participated in the Miss India Curvy 2019. She went for the audition, gave her best shot and completed all four rounds and was announced as one of the finalists. The grooming and intensive training in Delhi in January 2019 was for 3 constant days with no sleep at night and on the fourth day was the Grand Finale. She won the title of
2nd Runner-up of Miss India Curvy 2019 and also won the title of Miss Beautiful Body 2019. Archana herself was surprised to get the title,, as she least expected it, but as they say, hard work always pays off. This was the start of her career in the Fashion and Modeling Industry and it also gave her one more step into the glamour industry. Her mom and maternal uncle (fondly called as Mama) were extremely happy for her, but she did not receive much appreciation from her dad. She did not lose heart, she kept working hard and achieved her goal.
As time passed Archana, wanted to do something different and explore other areas of the Wellness Industry, so she came up with an idea of India Brainy Beauty(IBB) where the Florian Foundation was associated with the first beauty pageant. Here age, weight and height didn’t matter. ‘INDIA BRAINY BEAUTY’ Pageant is providing women a platform where they get an opportunity to make a difference in the world. The mission of the Pageant is to nurture and support aspiring women along their path to personal and professional growth and contribute to the public at Iarge. The winners and other suitable finalists represent India on various platforms both nationally and Internationally. IBB aims at creating role models and to empower women. She wanted to take this to the next level of the pageant where women will be personally groomed and transformed into a new personality.
Making it successful, she slowly and steadily made herself a brand where people know her as AJ.

Then Archana decided to try her hand at writing and never thought that she would be an author, she started to pen down her thoughts and decided to self-publish her book ‘She’s Unlimited’ which was a hit. The book tells us ‘how a woman can achieve anything that she sets her heart and mind to’ quoted from the book ‘She’s Unlimited’. She’s Unlimited is a beautifully written book by Archana Jain that portrays twenty-six qualities a woman has that sets her apart and makes her unique. She has written this book about women and the traits which makes them unstoppable and unlimited. This book is a gift from a woman to all the women out there. Her vision doesn’t stop here she is now to write another book named Unboxing Beauty – Beauty Empire – Limited Edition.

Her real-life story has been captured and published in the book Women of Substance by Rabia Patel

In the flow of time, she came across a creative of Rabia Patel, a social worker on Facebook and contacted her for her event ‘Walk for Cause’. Archana was inspired by her and walked in many of her shows as a showstopper. She shares a strong bond with Rabia Patel and they connect on a different level. Archana was impressed by the way she works for the social cause and loved that she is doing so much for society. This inspired her to do something for the society and she founded the Florian Foundation which works for humans and animals.
She got the opportunity to be the president of Giants Group of Mumbai ONE where she took an oath and started her journey as a social worker. During Covid – when the pandemic had struck and when people could not move out of their houses, she took police permission and spread her wings and helped the society with many projects like distribution of necessities, hygiene kits and supporting the LGBTQ Community. After looking at her social work along with her team many NGOs gave her the position to be the President of Maharashtra. Leaving no stone unturned, she took up every opportunity and tried her best to do as much good as possible.
Till now she has been awarded more than 100 awards, Certificates and Medals by well-known platforms for being the most generous social worker and relentlessly contributing to society.

Till now she has been awarded:
Leading Entrepreneur of the year 2020
Multitasker Women by many media channels

She has won more than 100 Awards, Certificates and Medals by well-known platforms for being the most generous social worker and has also been recognised and published in many newspapers, magazines and articles in India.