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Q. Please let us know a little about yourself, your brand and inspiration?
A. If I were talk about my story, I would start with my childhood. Growing up in a small city without an impressive educational environment, only a Hindi medium school I was an outcast among my cousins from metropolitan cities who could speak English well. I grew up without much appreciation for my talents or individuality, instead I was always discouraged by others stating my height, weight, skin and even educational background to be the reasons for my failure. 
Internalizing these comments, I ended up being insecure and unconfident with myself and my social life suffered due to it. After getting married and delivering my second daughter I ended up weighing double my original amount due to a side effect of medicines and suffered muscle damage and ended up asthmatic. As a result of all these issues I was clinically depressed and even more insecure about my outward appearance.

While I was still suffering, I met someone who changed my perspective on life by explaining to me how I could harness my inner power, grow it and utilise it to my own benefit. That was a real turning point for me as I was also concerned for my daughters and what inspiration they would get from their mother. So, I turned to spiritual healing, numerology, astrology, etc. so that I could not only help myself but others too and there was no turning back. I travelled to London to study Neurolinguistic Programming from its founder. Upon my daughters’ insistence I participated in Mrs. India pageant in 2017 and achieved the position of the runner-up, went on to be crowned Mrs. Asia and Mrs. Universe Asia Queen 2019. Since learning about how numbers and planetary conditions affect the unconscious mind, I have been trying to help people remedy their own planetary conditions and through spiritual healing try to change the perception of people to harness their own power.

My brand focuses on helping people unlock their hidden spiritual potential because as a very intuitive child who could not understand how to channel her own spiritual power and universal energies I want to reach as many people as I can which is also why I have established a placements company which utilises tools such as graphology and numerology to hire employees. I would say my biggest inspiration comes from my daughters, but also myself since I’m the one who pulls myself up when I’m at my lowest and I always look back to where I started from and gain courage and strength to move forward.

Q. As a magazine catering to women, we would like to know your point of view on the importance of spirituality and having a holistic lifestyle for working women?
A. As a woman, we are blessed by the universe with our own unique power, so even before I advise women on spirituality each and every woman must realise that they were blessed with many gifts including the one of bringing new life into the world, therefore we don’t need anyone to complete us since we are complete in our own way. However, these spiritual remedies exist to assist us to take charge of our own life and to bring balance to our life. As an example, there needs to be a balance of work and personal life in a person to function properly and that constant balance can be achieved through spirituality.

Q. From the perspective of a woman and an entrepreneur, what is the significance of spiritual healing for women in the working class according to you?
A. Spirituality is to feel your existence every moment of your life, which is important especially in modern times because we are always in a rush and forget to feel the basic things important to existence such as breathing. When we start to control or manipulate our breathing that is spirituality, accepting things, people, feelings the way they are without judgement and living life to its fullest and enjoy it. To be able to live and experience life to its fullest, including happiness and inner joy is very important for working women so that is why I think spirituality plays a big part in working women’s lives.

Q. What is your point of view on the empowerment of women through the help of holistic tools?
A. From my perspective, rather than empowerment women need acceptance and equality, as we know we all live in a patriarchal society where male actions and decisions are accepted more readily than that of a female’s. Even though in metropolitan environments there is a slow shift in attitudes and mentalities, the rural areas need a lot more work at the basic level. That is why I think we need to focus on equality more. And I believe there is a greater need to teach men how to respect and value the women in their lives so that the objectification and misogyny is uprooted from their minds.

Q. How do you practice spirituality in your professional life and what helps you to achieve your career goals?
A. Spirituality starts with self-acceptance, from putting an end to judging and criticizing yourself
because the world is doing enough of that anyway. I have also been through those stages of internalizing these demotivating statements and self-doubt. So, I think everyone to start with practicing self-love and self-acceptance. The best way to increase productivity is to give yourself a break every couple of hours or as much as the body needs and to recharge your mind with positivity and to make sure to refill your mental supply of motivation to be able to function smoothly in the professional aspect. I always hear people say about me that I have a very calm personality and that I tend to not panic in any given situation, this method of refilling my positivity every few hours and giving myself a much-deserved break is my personal way of handling mental stress and pressure that I hope the readers can take away and imply in their lives.

Q. Why do you think people turn to mental and spiritual guidance in these modern times?
A. I believe that the increase in mental health issues is because of a constant race that people are running in, comparing themselves to others constantly. While I consider social media to be a big blessing in the modern times, I also think that it is a source of distress to people who compare their own lives to those of people on social media, whether it be materialistic or social aspects. It feeds into people’s insecurities about themselves and their lives. Speaking in a numerological sense, the power of the number 2 which has great prominence over our lives since the beginning of the millennium which starts with 2. It is a number that rules the moods, mental health and unconscious mind which is also one of the reasons for the rise in mental struggles. If we consider Vastu as well, the north-east corner of the country is very small on map which can also contribute to the issues. In India, speaking about or acting on these issues is still taboo, while there is rising awareness of the importance of physical health the conversation around mental health is very minimal. To begin helping people with their problems in a holistic way, mental health issues should also be spoken with the same importance as physical.

Q. What are your views on Iconic Shakti’s approach towards empowering women?
A. I want to start by saying that I’m in love with the concept of Iconic Shakti, even its name has the word Shakti in it which signifies great power. The total number of the name is 9, which is a warrior’s number, and it is a source of immense power and a pushing force. I believe that Iconic Shakti is going to be a big step towards women’s empowerment, and I am giving my best wishes to the magazine and towards Priyanka, the founder of this e-magazine since she is such a hard-working person. I am also sure that this magazine is going to gain recognition globally due to the name and number behind it, so I want to say to the entire team as well to keep going and working towards helping the magazine reach its greatest potential.

Q. Please say a few words to the reader in conclusion, it has been a pleasure interviewing an Iconic Shakti such as you?
A. In conclusion I would like to say that everyone reading this that mental and spiritual health is very important, please do not ignore any issues that you or people close to you might be facing mentally. One of the ways to prevent mental health issues, I believe is to stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others. I would like to leave everyone with a thought, just as a garden contains many different flowers which all belong to the flower family but are of various kinds. They all bloom without compete against each other in peace, the same way every person is their own unique self, a gift of the universe. To realise that and to love yourself, love others, even the animals around you is the message I would like the readers to take away from this interview. Stay blessed, loved and spread love! Thank you.

Interviewed by :- Priyanka Vishwakarma

Editor :- Varenya Dammavalam