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“Live your passion to the fullest to be happy” –  Meenakshi Pange

I, Meenakshi Pange, a woman of many hats on off, personally, professionally and socially, I am here to express my aura and to present my thoughts. I always dreamt of being most influential person in people’s life whereas life journey isn’t that easy for most of us. Same situation was of mine. During my childhood I was very shy, introvert and super emotional self pity person. It’s my parent’s biggest role in making me learn more and more and be strongest with time.


 I stepped out being specialized in Computer Science from Thakur college of Engineering. Professionally I have more than 15 years of experience in several domains of Institutional, Telecom and multinational Banking sector as a Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Lead Business Analyst and now at Project Managerial role. I believe in sweating in peace rather than bleeding in war which is why I keep upgrading myself through a continuous learning process. I have done my MBA in Finance from S P Jain college of Global Management. I am certified in CFA foundation for in depth market awareness and currently pursuing my CFA level 1 course.

Personally being into love marriage, I faced lot of cast and gender stereotypes by my in laws which led to rough phase of marriage. I believe it’s better to be yourself rather than being selfless and discouraged on whatever we do. Hardship continued to add on after losing the most precious gems of my life, my both dear Parent, within 2 months. I took lot of sessions on Art of living and Reiki to come back from the trauma. I was determined to recover soon and to be strong back on my toe which is why I pursued my Dad’s long awaited dream of completing my MBA. MBA was the place where my life was totally transformed with new learning, innovation – technical as well as life learning. Here I met amazing influential friends for life who really inspired me to get transformed and to live my dream with passion. One of them is the Diva “Archana Jain“. People hear about the legends and I have met one in my life.

Since childhood I always had a passion to sing/dance/speak/act/walk, in short to express myself whereas due to other priorities of earning for family and bringing up the family to the better societal standards, I kept my passion on back burner. But this feeling was actually making me more depressed and helpless. So I thought of opening up all my wings, exploring the world, to show case all the passion that I possessed within me for so long. It’s never too late. Age is just a number. “Jabh jaago tabh savera”. Now as passionate for Singing I am learning Indian classical pursuing my third year Gandharva exams, I am learning Kathak for dance and Zumba for fitness, I am learning Stag communication practices. I keep posting my performances on singing / dance / vlogging on social media. My passion led me to participate in India Brainy Beauty season 2 and to be in top 7 Mrs Category and am honored to earn the title holder “THE RISING STAR“.

Being a mother to eleven years old son, I always teach him to explore self to the fullest, to be true and keep seeking for knowledge. My son has always been a motivation throughout my life journey. I have learned lot of things from him too. I believe in observing vibes from the people. Absorbing the positivity from those vibes and installing the change for the betterment of life and inspire / motivate others with my positivity.

Along with self development I also believe in giving back to the society. I keep volunteering in social activities through CSR Bhumi drive where I teach the government school kids, I do podcasting for specially able kids, I have also contributed to plantation and environmental drives, blood donation drives, Food for neediest and not the beggars as need is temporary and begging is a habit. I also believe that greatest deed to any mankind is spread of knowledge to the needy. True knowledge and awareness with multifaceted parameters when spread correctly could lite up lot of lives. I always believe in being down to earth, creative, amiable and self driven person in whatever I do, I will keep going and growing in life as life is never a constant and Constant is DEAD.  I will definitely make my angel parent proud of my achievement.

So the key message I would like to convey with all is that we should keeping living the life to the fullest and explore our real passion and keeping chasing our passion until it becomes habit and look forward for upcoming passion in queue and the cycle continues till the life exists and lastly Be Happy.