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Nishimaa Avasthi’s multi-faceted life as a writer, accomplished corporate worker in the finance sector and a fashion enthusiast.

As they say, ‘belief’ and ‘inner conscience’ builds you halfway through the journey and the rest half is the tenacity and persistence with the commitment for the work you do; they are right – no free lunches, no shortcuts which will take you to your destination. ‘Karma is directly proportional to luck’. Nishimaa Avasthi, an artist and orchestrator of her life was born and brought up in the city of food i.e., Indore.
Her childhood and early part of life was invested in Indore and she graduated with good academic accomplishments, picked up artistic skills and built memories to be cherished forever. She moved to Pune with new opportunities on her way and eventually settled in Mumbai. She has more than a decade of experience in work on her side in the corporate world that is fanciful to management graduates.

She has worked with a few of the renowned financial Organisations across the value chain starting from Customer Engagements, Operational Governance Measures, Change of Management, Process Building – Tightening the nuts and bolts of the financial process with absolutely zero leakages. Her unique combined set of skills in sales and services helped her contribute directly to the topline of business houses in the mutual fund industry. She has also been generating direct value for ‘fintech payouts stabilisation’ and direct engagements with SEBI, AMFI, and RBI which are the governing bodies for the industry. She has also picked up Product Management skills from managing product for LAS (Loan Against Securities) and is currently an active element for Compliance and Risk Governance. This also shows her versatility as the learning flows from upstream to downstream across the complete chain of value in business.

On the other hand, her creative side commands an inclination towards content creation. She channelizes it to unravel and express her thoughts and experiences. Her work has been published across writing platforms like Writer’s Ezine and others. This immensely adds to her skill of writing technical content useful for training or process improvement in her work life. She credits her knowledge and skills in writing to the initial stage of her career when she wrote scripts and worked as a news anchor with voiceovers using her oration skills for a local television channel.

She is a self-professed fashion lover which co-exists with her passion for the social causes she supports. She walked the ramp for Rabiaz Walk for a Cause. The causes she supported were ‘Women’s Empowerment’, ‘Domestic Violence’, and ‘Child Education’. However, she thinks that the ‘Absence of Communication is another growing social cause because of excessive digital and textual communication has hampered regular verbal and face to face communication and created a void which has made people lonely. Social media is an artificial mean of communication and communicating with real people is the need of the hour and needs to be acknowledged as such.

She also worked on a project with ‘Tribes of India’ under the aegis of TRIFED (Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited). This is supported by the Ministry of Tribal affairs. The project showcased natural handloom sarees in order to encourage the work of tribal artisans and uplift Indian Culture. The products are being sold through various E-commerce platforms as a part of the Co-branding strategy.

On the personal front, she is observant of people’s emotions, children’s expressions, their inquisitiveness, nature and landscapes. She can spend hours embracing nature and nurturing her own gardening skills. The blessings from her parents and her children’s smiles make her life worthwhile, she says. Her younger sister who is in Hyderabad and is also into Digital Marketing backs her like a pillar and last but not least is Nishimaa’s Husband who also works with a different organization specializing in IOT (Internet of Things) provides her with enough support so that she can manage work, home and kids together as a multi-tasker.

 She believes that life is what you make it, so paint the canvas of your life with your skills, talent and good deeds. Dream it, work for it and earn it.