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Hi, I am Reena Birje. I wear many hats.
I’ve been a flight attendant and travelled extensively throughout this beautiful country of ours and also a few mesmerising international destinations. I’m also an entrepreneur, a co-founder of a leading Management Institute with two branches in Mumbai, NIHAM. I’ve been graced with the prestigious crown of Mrs India Brainy Beauty! I’ve also been sashed and awarded the trophy of Ms Refreshing Beauty.

But amongst all these hats in my multi-faceted life, what I pride myself on most is that I am a loving human being. I live to give. I am an animal rights activist, a dog feeder as a daily routine. Blessed to be a part of team Khaanachaahiye NGO, where during the ongoing Covid crisis, we have served over 15,00,000 meals + 10,000
cooked meals daily + 35,000 grocery kits and growing everyday. Along with my full time job. And yeah, I’m also a wife to a needy guy.

But life wasn’t a bed of roses for me. I was born in a traditional middle-class family. One amongst 3 sisters. A housewife mother and a businessman father. So you get the gist, right? Very protective, even restrictive at times. However, ever since I
remember, being independent was my goal. It was this ambition that drove me to excel in my studies. When I first told my dad I wanted to work, he literally blew his head off! But after a lot of convincing cajoling from his favourite daughter, he eventually gave in to my demands. Thats when I started to chase my dreams. And I promised myself never to stop. To dream bigger the next time around. And after I achieved that to dream even bigger! Maybe it was luck, maybe my karma, but I was just in that phase of life where everything was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked God for anything more. But he still wanted to be nice to me. That is when I met my soulmate and we connected instantly.
After just two years of dating, we got married. I had found my King. And that was the first day I felt like a Queen. So, it seemed like destiny’s call when I saw an advertisement online of India Brainy Beauty and decided to participate in it. What an awesome experience that was. The brainchild of the maverick genius Archana Jain. A true platform aimed towards women empowerment. With a fabulous team comprising of Rabia Patel, Khanjana Mota & many other wonderful people who worked tirelessly to make the event a magnificent success. And finally, it happened, the moment that still gives me goosebumps when International Celebrity Anchor Simran Ahuja called out my number 27 and announced my name. Her exact words were “Our Queen, Reena Birje”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Finally, the Queen had received her crown.
As I said before, I have promised myself never to stop dreaming bigger. I’m in the process of writing a book about my life’s journey. The manuscript is almost ready,

however I intend to publish it live across bookstores, amazon, Flipkart, Kindle, Goodreads, etc. on 16th November 2021 as it’s a special day to me. Do read it. Now I intend to pass on my experience at the pageant with all my students and encourage them to face their fears. Stay fit, be well groomed, fight stage fear, don’t care for validation from others. Things that we used to teach our students anyways, but being a part of IBB has given me a whole new perspective. To be stronger than you think you are. To take that extra effort. To never give up. To get rid of those negative thoughts. To smile more. There is no greater feeling than that in the world. My message to anyone who is reading this is always smile during the hard times, the good times will make you smile more. Love one and all.

And above all, LOVE YOURSELF and stay humble to your roots.