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No one can stop you from achieving your aimed goals in life, If you have a strong desire to pursue it

All that we think actually matters so when we think of success we should be also thinking about how to get successful too.
This is Dr Sarika’s mantra to keep her motivated, She also firmly believes in words written by Walt Disney that say..

“All dreams can come true, Only if we have the courage to pursue them“

Dr Sarika Mahesh Shah is a pathologist by profession, Apart from being a successful doctor she holds deep interest in the world of fashion and believes in engaging herself in all kinds of social work.
Dr.Sarika was born to a middle class family where education and following Indian culture was given the a lot of importance.

She as a child described herself as a “Shy Girl” though she was very disciplined,very well organised, ambitious and keen towards working hard.
Being a doctor had always been Dr.Sarika’s dream since a very young age and she made sure to work hard for it, She thank’s her father for being her true inspiration and motivator, She gives full credit’s to her parents for their teachings.

Dr.Sarika Studied MBBS from a govt. medical college in Nagpur, She got married after passing out at the age of 21 to a well known physician in town and Immediately after a year of being married she and her husband were blessed with an adorable baby boy, She describes the later period to be the most difficult one where she did not know how to manage her personal and professional life at a very young age, At 22 she had a responsibility of being a doctor, wife, mother and a daughter in law all together at the same time she did not know how to manage it all.
Her in-laws did not give much importance to a woman’s education and were typical conservative gujrati family..Rather they always wished her to be an ideal homemaker who’s only job was to look after her family’s well being.
Even after the innumerable obstacles Dr.Sarika faced, She never gave up and kept moving forward by appearing for her post graduation exams and got done with a successful diploma in Pathology.
She worked as BTO in a blood bank and joined MODTT in health services, She also took her training to become an organ transplant coordinator to later work in a society that spreads awareness regarding organ transplanting.
Recently she worked on an “organ donation awareness” short film named as “SPADO”.
Dr. Sarika stated dancing and singing to be her hobbies and her love for fashion made her go for an audition of National Beauty Pageant where she got selected and won a title for herself but couldn’t win to secure a first place.
She did not loose hope there and enrolled herself immediately to another pageant and won, She became to be the runner up for more than 4 pageants later and said that she had fulfilled her dream in fashion industry.
Not only this, Dr Sarika has also given her best towards empowering women by being the “Smart girl trainer”.
She happens to be connected with many NGO’s and does a lot of charity work.
She thinks whoever has a strong dedication, determination and devotion will never be away from success.
She has been through many up’s and downs but she never stopped with her efforts because of which she never thought of taking a step backward, You cannot expect anyone else to push you towards your goals, You will always have to do it by believing and staying truthful to yourself she added.
Dr. Sarika has now completed 23 years of being happily married to her husband Dr Mahesh Shah, their son is now in his final year of MBBS, She feels her husband has been her biggest inspiration and moral support as he too belonged from a typical middle class family where he had to achieve his goal’s all by himself with sheer hard work, Beyond that he always allowed his wife to achieve all her dreams and never told her to stop until she succeeded.

Dr. Sarika believes in keeping hope, She says life is all about succeeding and failing. Success keeps you going forward and failure teaches you to never give up and try again.

Edited by : Aishwarya Bhatte Munagekar